Best Time To Send Email – Email Marketing Trick

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Tips on the best time and day to send your marketing email:

Best Time: 4:30 A.M. CST

Best Days: Tuesday – Thursday

BIG TIP: Weekends are great for low-dollar and lead-gen offers.

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15 Steps To Follow – Anatomy Of A Sales Letter

Stated below is the Anatomy of A Sales Letter and the 15 steps to follow according to Matt Bacak.

1. The Headline

2. The Sub Headline

3. The Salutation (best to use: Dear Friend)

4. The Opening Paragraph

5. Credibility

6. Testimonials

7. Bullets

8. More Testimonials

9. Add Free Bonuses

10. Money Back Guarantee (Tell them not to worry because they are not taking the risks, YOU are)

11. The Price (Before stating the price, tell them what they are getting)

12. Payment information

13. A Warning (Tell them what will happen if they don’t take action)

14. The Close (Tell them EXACTLY what you want them to do)

15. The Post Script i.e. The P.S.

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How To Piggyback On Popular YouTube Videos

A cool trick I learnt from Perry Belcher on how to piggyback on popular YouTube videos.

1. Find a popular video in your niche/market on YouTube.

2. Use the EXACT Title, Description and tags of the video for your own video. That’s it!

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Email Marketing Tip – Day 7 Trick

Great Email marketing tip I learnt from Mark Ling of fame known as the Day 7 Trick.

Send an email to your list on the 7th day .

Create a Free report. Tell your list that you are going to sell this product/report for $ 47 or so. Tell them to buy a product and send you the receipt and then you will mail them back the FREE report.

You can either make the Free report yourself or outsource it to somebody via or any other site your may prefer.

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YouTube Arbitrage Method – Video Marketing System

Listed below are the steps of the YouTube Arbitrage Method:

1. Create a Video.

Keep the video simple at around 30 seconds to 1 minute.

2. Place link to your website in the description and also show the link in the video at the bottom.

3. Use relevant keywords in Title, Tags and Description. Use ALL your keywords (apart from your primary keyword) in the description.

4. Put the Video on your Landing page.

5. Add Autoplay to the code i.e. &Autoplay=1 to the YouTube URL in the embed code.

That is all there is to the awesome YouTube Arbitrage Method. With this technique, 1 site visit will lead to 1 YouTube view and help you in organic results.

Tip: For Video content, say Welcome, ask your visitor to Optin, show them the Order/Submit button and ask them to Click. Make sure you have a definite Call To Action and be as direct as possible. Don’t be shy.

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10 Proven Online Businesses You Can Start Now!

Listed below are 10 proven businesses you can start now and make money:

1. Arts & Crafts

2. Coaching

3. Info Products

4. eBay

5. Amazon

6. Article Writing

7. Online Store

8. Blogging

9. Online Training

10. Affiliate Training

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