How to Add a Price Tag in Pinterest?

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Including a price tag with something you pin on Pinterest is pretty simple. When you’re writing a description of a pin, include a dollar sign followed by the price, such as $5 or $9.97. When a price has been added to a pin’s description, Pinterest displays a price tag ribbon in the pin’s top-left corner.

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How to create What I Do Meme’s?

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If you want your site/blog/fanpage to go Viral, then there is nothing better than using one of the “What I do and what people think” Meme’s like the one shown above. You can head straight to and make one yourself!

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How To Get Free Facebook Ad Credits?


Want some free Facebook Advertising credits? All you have to do is search for it!

Look for the keyword “fb coupon” on and you will many places where you can get $50 ad credits and even more. Another awesome place to search is Also try where you can find people selling Facebook ad credits.

Important: Once you bought the coupons, do note that you can only use 1 coupon for 1 account only. Don’t buy 100 x $50 coupons and think that you can use coupons all the way for your FB campaigns. Facebook is not stupid.

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How To Get 1 Cent Hosting On

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You need a hosting account to host your website/blog. I personally use to host all my websites (including this blog) and I highly recommend them for their high reliability and awesome customer support.

Here’s a really easy way to get 1 Cent hosting on

Click on the link below and enter “1CENT“ (excluding the quotes) as coupon code:

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How To Get 500 Facebook Fans For $5


You have made a brand new Facebook fanpage for yourself or your brand and want some fans quickly? Here’s how you can get them:

Use or a similar site like

If you have any other place from one can get Facebook fans for cheap, please feel free to post about it in the comments.

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How To Make Google Plus Banners For Profile?

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Hi Friend’s, here’s a cool online tool which allows you to make Google Plus banners for your profile:

Please let me know what you think about this awesome tool by posting in the comments. Thanks.

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How to sell your ebook In the Apple iBookstore

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You need to meet the following requirements to put your eBook into the Apple iBookstore:

1. Get an ISBN numbers for the book you want to sell.

2. Have the ability to deliver the book in ePub format.

3. The ebook needs to pass EpubCheck 1.0.5.

4. A US Tax ID (Non US not allowed at the time of writing)

5. An iTunes account backed up by a credit card.

6. An Intel-based Mac running OS 10.5 or better (PC users not allowed for now)

Please check out the details about publishing your ebook in the Apple iBookstore by going here:  Apple iBooks Publisher Application Apple let’s you decide how much to charge and where you want to sell it. You get 70% of the revenue.

Not very bad, is it!

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