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Video Video and Video. Almost everybody around is talking about Video. Why? because it’s an awesome way to earn a lot of money online. YouTube today is the 3rd most visited site on the Internet according to Alexa. Also, from the marketing from of view, the fact is that there is a 60% chance of your visitor viewing the entire video from start to finish compared to less than 20% of them reading your piece of text from start to finish. Need anymore reasons?

Make videos and submit them to multiple sites using the following tools:
2. is absolutely FREE! and TrafficGeyser costs only $97 after your initial 30 free-tial is over. Traffic Geyser submits the same video to more than 50 locations in different formats. And it’s a phenomenal tool! An absolute must have if you are really serious about generating a ton of traffic to your site.

Also, a MUST READ blogpost by Mario Andros [@MariaAndros] aka “The Video Marketing Queen” titled How To Shine in 2009 With Video.

Video Multiplier is an awesome way to generate traffic to your website revealed by Russell Brunson for the Zero To $100 Million Dollar Challenge.

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