YouTube Arbitrage Method – Video Marketing System

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Listed below are the steps of the YouTube Arbitrage Method:

1. Create a Video.

Keep the video simple at around 30 seconds to 1 minute.

2. Place link to your website in the description and also show the link in the video at the bottom.

3. Use relevant keywords in Title, Tags and Description. Use ALL your keywords (apart from your primary keyword) in the description.

4. Put the Video on your Landing page.

5. Add Autoplay to the code i.e. &Autoplay=1 to the YouTube URL in the embed code.

That is all there is to the awesome YouTube Arbitrage Method. With this technique, 1 site visit will lead to 1 YouTube view and help you in organic results.

Tip: For Video content, say Welcome, ask your visitor to Optin, show them the Order/Submit button and ask them to Click. Make sure you have a definite Call To Action and be as direct as possible. Don’t be shy.

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