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Website Parasite is an easy way to generate 100% free and targeted traffic to your website.

To be come a Website Parasite, you basically have to figure out two things:
1. Who is your target market?
2. Where are they congregating, meeting online?

Step 1. Find forums/message boards and Groups that are related to your market/niche. Then, leave replies in various threads of the forum and make sure you have a sifnature file at the end containing your website address and also your Twitter ID e.g. Checkout my website to see what I’m doing to make money online RIGHT NOW! Also, follow me on Twitter @shinils

Network around on Facebook, Twitter and social networking platforms and find Joint Venture(JV) Partners who are operating in your market/niche.

Step 2. Using eBay to generate incoming link.
Use the About Me page on eBay to link to your website. Use it as a squeeze page.

Step 3. Use Craigslist and post compelling lead generation ads which target your market/niche and targeting the larger cities.

Website Parasite is yet another great way to generate traffic to your website revealed by Russell Brunson for the Zero To $100 Million Dollar Challenge.

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